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Sales Development Representative (Setter)

Identify and engage potential clients, setting the stage for successful sales by building strong lead foundations.

Sales Executive (Closer)

Drive the sales process from lead to deal, crafting tailored proposals and closing agreements that meet both client needs and business goals.


Social Media Manager

Manage, create, and optimize social media content and engagement to amplify our brand's digital presence.


Brand Strategist / Copywriter

Craft compelling narratives that capture and convey our clients' essence through powerful and persuasive copywriting.

Brand Visual Designer

Translate brand narratives into visually striking designs that resonate with target audiences and strengthen brand identity.

Web Designer

Design and develop intuitive, aesthetically pleasing websites that integrate text and visuals for a seamless user experience.


Account Manager / Project Manager

Coordinate and oversee the timely execution of personal branding projects, ensuring seamless workflows and client satisfaction.

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